Face genetics

Genetics of the human face: identification of large effect single gene variants

(2017) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Daniel J M Crouch, Bruce Winney, Willem P Koppen, William J Christmas, Katarzyna Hutnik, Tammy Day, Devendra Meena, Abdelhamid Boumertit, Pirro Hysi, Ayrun Nessa, Tim D Spector, Josef Kittler, Walter F Bodmer. 

Open source version here: Genetics of the human face: identification of large effect single gene variants

Extending non-negative matrix factorisation to 3D registered data

(2016), Conference Paper, DOI: 10.1109/ICB.2016.7550083 

W.P. Koppen, W.J. Christmas, D.J.M. Crouch, W.F. Bodmer, J.V. Kittler

Population genetics

The fine-scale genetic structure of the British population

(2015), Nature 519: 309-314.
Leslie S, Winney B, Hellenthal G, Davison D, Boumertit A, Day D, Hutnik K, Royrvik EC, Cunliffe B , Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium {International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium} Lawson DJ, Falush D, Freeman C, Pirinen M, Myers S, Robinson M, Donnelly P and Bodmer WF 

The Irish DNA Atlas: Revealing Fine – Scale Population Structure and History within Ireland

(2017) Scientific Reports: DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-17124-4
Edmund Gilbert, Seamus O’Reilly, Michael Merrigan, Darren McGettigan,  Anne M. Molloy, Lawrence C. Brody, Walter Bodmer, Katarzyna Hutnik, Sean Ennis, Daniel J. Lawson , James F. Wilson & Gianpiero L. Cavalleri

Genetic Characterization of Human Populations: From ABO to a Genetic Map of the British People

(2015), Genetics 199: 267-279.
Bodmer W F

People of the British Isles: preliminary analysis of genotypes and surnames in a UK-control population 

(2012), European Journal of Human Genetics 20, 203:210.
Bruce Winney, Abdelhamid Boumertit, Tammy Day, Dan Davison, Chikodi Echeta, Irina Evseeva, Katarzyna Hutnik, Stephen Leslie, Kristin Nicodemus, Ellen C Royrvik, Susan Tonks, Xiaofeng Yang, James Cheshire, Paul Longley, Pablo Mateos, Alexandra Groom, Caroline Relton, D Tim Bishop, Kathryn Black, Emma Northwood, Louise Parkinson, Timothy M Frayling, Anna Steele, Julian R Sampson, Turi King, Ron Dixon, Derek Middleton, Barbara Jennings, Rory Bowden, Peter Donnelly and Walter Bodmer

Linkage disequilibrium and age of HLA region SNPs in relation to classic HLA gene alleles within Europe

(2010), European Journal of Human Genetics 18:924-932.
Irina Evseeva, Kristin K Nicodemus, Carolina Bonilla, Susan Tonks, and  Walter F Bodmer

Theory and statistical methods

Other publications using PoBI data

A global reference for human genetic variation

(2015), Nature 526:68-74.
The 1000 Genomes Project Consortium

Large-scale recent expansion of European patrilineages shown by population resequencing

(2015), Nature Communications.
Batini C, Hallast P, Zadik D, Delser PM, Benazzo A, Ghirotto S, Arroyo-Pardo E, Cavalleri GL, de Knijff P, Dupuy BM, Eriksen HA, King TE, López de Munain A, López-Parra AM, Loutradis A, Milasin J, Novelletto A, Pamjav H, Sajantila A, Tolun A, Winney B, Jobling MA

The Y-chromosome tree bursts into leaf: 13,000 high-confidence SNPs covering the majority of known clade

(2015), Molecular Biology and Evolution 32:61-673.
Hallast P, Batini C, Zadik D, Maisano Delser P, Wetton JH, Arroyo-Pardo E, Cavalleri GL, de Knijff P, Destro Bisol G, Dupuy BM, Eriksen HA, Jorde LB, King TE, Larmuseau MH, López de Munain A, López-Parra AM, Loutradis A, Milasin J, Novelletto A, Pamjav H, Sajantila A, Schempp W, Sears M, Tolun A, Tyler-Smith C, Van Geystelen A, Watkins S, Winney B, Jobling MA

Associations of HLA alleles with specific language impairment

(2014), Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders.
Nudel R, Simpson NH, Baird G, O'Hare A, Conti-Ramsden G, Bolton PF, Hennessy ER; SLI Consortium, Monaco AP, Knight JC, Winney B, Fisher SE, Newbury DF

Human telomeres that carry an integrated copy of human herpesvirus 6 are often short and unstable, facilitating release of the viral genome from the chromosome

(2013), Nucleic Acids Research 42:315-327.
Yan Huang, Alberto Hidalgo-Bravo, Enjie Zhang, Victoria E. Cotton, Aaron Mendez-Bermudez, Gunjan Wig, Zahara Medina-Calzada, Rita Neumann, Alec J. Jeffreys, Bruce Winney, James F. Wilson, Duncan A. Clark, Martin J. Dyer, Nicola, J. Roy

Role of rare variants in undetermined multiple adenomatous polyposis and early-onset colorectal cancer

(2012), Journal of Human Genetics 57:709-716.
Lefevre JH, Bonilla C, Colas C, Winney B, Johnstone E, Tonks S, Day T, Hutnik K, Boumertit A, Soubrier F, Midgley R, Kerr D, Parc Y, Bodmer WF

An integrated map of genetic variation from 1,092 human genomes

(2012), Nature 491:56-65.
The 1000 Genomes Project Consortium

Cyclin D1 rare variants in UK multiple adenoma and early-onset colorectal cancer patients

(2011), Journal of Human Genetics 56:58-63.
Bonilla C, Lefèvre JH, Winney B, Johnstone E, Tonks S, Colas C, Day T, Hutnik K, Boumertit A, Midgley R, Kerr D, Parc Y, Bodmer WF​

The peopling of Europe and the cautionary tale of y chromosome lineage r-m269

(2011), Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.
George B. J. Busby, Francesca Brisighelli, Paula Sánchez-Diz, Eva Ramos-Luis, Conrado Martinez-Cadenas, Mark G. Thomas, Daniel G. Bradley, Leonor Gusmão, Bruce Winney, Walter Bodmer, Marielle Vennemann, Valentina Coia, Francesca Scarnicci, Sergio Tofanelli, Giuseppe Vona, Rafal Ploski, Carla Vecchiotti, Tatijana Zemunik, Igor Rudan, Sena Karachanak, Draga Toncheva, Paolo Anagnostou, Gianmarco Ferri, Cesare Rapone, Tor Hervig, Torolf Moen, James F. Wilson, Cristian Capelli

Regional surnames and genetic structure in Great Britain

(2016), Transactions, Institute of British Geographers 41:554-569.
Jens Kandt, James A Cheshire, Paul A Longley

Delineating Europe’s cultural regions: population structure and surname clustering

(2011), Human Biology.
James Cheschire, Pablo Mateos, Paul A Longley

Identifying spatial concentrations of surnames

(2011), International Journal of Geographic Information Science 309-326.
James A Cheschire, Paul A Longley

Book chapters

Populations in the Human Sciences

Walter Bodmer and Bruce Winney

Edited by Philip Kreager, Stanley Ulijaszek and Cristian Capelli, Oxford University Press, 2015

Celtic from the West 3: Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages - questions of shared language

Bruce J. Winney & Walter F. Bodmer

'The Genetic Structure of the British Populations and their Surnames'

Edited by John T. Koch and Barry Cunliffe, in collaboration with
Kerri Cleary and Catriona D. Gibson, pp. 333-350. OXFORD, OXBOW BOOKS 2016
Hardback Edition: ISBN 978–1–78570–227–3
Digital Edition: ISBN 978–1–78570–228–0

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